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The IEP Empowerment Coaching is the only online IEP coaching program that helps you confidently  build strong partnerships with your child's IEP team to build better Individual Education Plan's to improve student outcomes and prepare your child for further education, future employment, and independent living. 

Yes! I want to build strong partnerships with my child's IEP team

Do you feel overwhelmed by the whole IEP process? 


Are you struggling to get through the IEP meeting?

When you attend a meeting, do you feel like you are not sure what the process is and you are "nodding in aggreement" but don't understand what they are saying?

Do you know what is in your child's IEP, but you would like a "second set of eyes" to make sure your child is receiving the appropriate education and inclussive opportunities that fit's your child's unique needs? 

Do you ever find yourself thinking...


Does my child have the right IEP goals? 

Does my child have enough support?

Is my child in the right placement?

Is my child getting a positve inclusive experience?

Should their be more inclusive opportunities for my child?

What should I be doing to spark change?

What do you envision for your child...



Are your child's IEP goals fitting their unique needs and preparing them for further education, future employment and indpendent living?

Is your child getting the most out of their inclussive setting?

What are your hopes and dreams for your child?

How do you see your child as an adult after highschool? 

You may have secretly thought...


"Is it worth having my voice heard at the table?"

"Should I even be writing a statement to include in my child's IEP?"

"The IEP process can't be this hard..."


Your Voice Matters, And You Need

☑ A plan & strategy that makes sense so your voice and your child's voice is heard.

☑ Confidence to say what you need to say at the IEP table and not feel intimidated. 

☑ Organizations and systems that all members of your child's team knows how to support them. 

☑ A team of knowledgeable experts you can get instant answers and support from

For me, your child's education is personal!

My name is Nicolette Lesniak, I am an IEP Empowerment Coach and the founder of IEP Coaching Around You.

I provide IEP support to parents, teachers, and teams to build effective classroom systems, Individual Education Plans, and learning plans that promote inclusive environments for students with exceptional needs. 

I am certified in Indiana and Illinois as a Director of Exceptional Needs. I have been in the classroom for over 20 years, working with students in kindergarten to 12th grade. I have also supported students and families in a 18-22 year old (extended transition). 

I will support you and your team, focus on what really matters to prepare your child for further education, future employment and independent living. 


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Ready To Get The Support You Need?

I offer custom services to help you advocate for your Childs specific needs

IEP Input Statement

Individual support writing your input statement and parent letter so your child can receive what they need to be successfull. 

IEP Empowerment Coaching

IEP Empowerment Coaching services gives you the flexibility to prepare for those IEP meetings or other meetings throughout the the school year. It includes the IEP nput statement, IEP review with action plan, and much more. 

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IEP Review

Maybe you are prepping for an IEP meeting or just have that gut feeling that you might be missing something in you child's IEP. I will look over the paperwork and identify areas of improvement and outline an action plan. 


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