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Building strong parent and teacher partnerships should not be hard!!

I specializes in supporting teachers and families who are navigating the special education system. I provide guidance, resources, and advocacy to ensure that the child's educational needs are met.


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Hey special education teachers! Are you struggling to get everything done? Are your friends and family tired of hearing your teacher’s stories and frustration then IEP Coaching Around You is for you.

IEP Coaching Around You Mentorship is virtual coaching program to support  you strengthen your practice, empower your authenticity with parents, and build rigorous and engaging instruction that uses data to drive instruction. Every aspect of the mentorship Is about YOU. From personalized coaching to bite-sized learning content.

IEP Coaching Around YOU

I'm Nicolette Lesniak

As an educator, coach and teacher leader, what set's my soul on fire is sharing my passion of teaching and learning with others and making sure that all students are receiving an inclusive education where they are valued, fully supported to succeed in making progress: academically, behaviorally and socially, while building on what makes them unique. 

There are a million things you can be doing to support teaching and learning, but if you are getting lost in the paperwork, collaboration, lesson planning, and classroom management, having someone by your side to support you to get clarity and solve problems will benefit your drive to improve student learning and outcomes.

I am here to support you, focus on what really matters in your classroom and home. I invite you to schedule a free Inquiry call  to see if my coaching and advocacy style is right for you.

Nicolette Lesniak,
Founder, IEP Coaching Around YOU

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Tracy Miltz

The empathy Nicolette has for her students and how she validated their feelings is an example for all.

M. Evans

Coaching Around You is priceless! It speaks to real world stress management and helps you with strategies to focus on improving your classroom practices.

Ola Ayyad

Nicolette tailored her IEP sessions with great support. She helped me update my skills to work in special education and get my foot in the door. 

IEP Empowerment

Our comprehensive blog has everything you need to better understand and implement best practices, get clarity, and solve problems to improve student learning and outcomes.

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