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Hey special education teachers! Are you struggling to get everything done? Are your friends and family tired of hearing your teacher’s stories and frustration then IEP Coaching Around You is for you.


IEP Coaching Around You Mentorship is virtual coaching program to support  you strengthen your practice, empower your authenticity with parents, and build rigorous and engaging instruction that uses data to drive instruction. Every aspect of the mentorship Is about YOU. From personalized coaching to bite-sized learning content.
Let's Soar Together

What is IEP Coaching Around You Mentorship?

This coaching mentorship program is about capitalizing on what’s AWESOME  in your classroom.


Your experience as a special education teacher is grounded in the personal goals that you are setting to support students in learning and improving your practice to become a stronger teacher rock star!
As a collaborative partner, we will focus on the student's right in front of you and what they need to be successful. We will look at the data you have gathered and what research based strategies will help your students reach their goals.
We will take action together by developing a plan, implementing the plan and then reflecting and analyzing the data to improve student outcomes
Special education teachers and general education teachers do not have the same goals, therefore you shouldn’t have the same coaching mentorship program. 
When you sign up for IEP Coaching Around You Mentorship , you will get instant access to Nicolette Lesniak where she will support you with impactful instruction, organization and management that improves student outcomes.
With IEP Coaching and Mentorship that is around your schedule you will get support tailored around your situation and your needs as a special education teacher. 
IEP Coaching Around You Mentorship, strengthens your practice, empowers you, and gives you researched-based strategies to conquer your fears and make lasting change for the students in your classroom.
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Sign up for IEP Coaching Around You Mentorship today, that fits around your busy schedule.  Sign up today and cancel any time. No questions asked. Do you still have questions? Let me tell you how we can soar together. 

IEP Strategy Calls

$150/A Session

Sessions Need to be Booked 3-6 weeks before the IEP Meeting

  • Critical Review of Your Students IEP
  • One-time Coaching Session Around Your Schedule
  • Teacher PLAFP Statement
  • Voxer or Messenger  Support before and after your IEP meeting
  • IEP Prep and post Session 60 minutes 
  • Data Review
  • Behavior Plan Review
  • Para Fade Plan Review
  • Action Plan to go confident into the IEP Meeting
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IEP Coaching Around You Mentorship

$47/ A Month

Enroll Anytime To Get The Support You Need!

  • Group virtual coaching sessions
  • Two Individual coaching sessions a month through, email, virtual meetings, or recorded video
  • Coaching platform to upload a document for review
  • Voxer or messenger support
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Subscription to the Teaching TIPS
  • Access to exclusive community group & mini courses
  • Access to  all guides and tip sheets
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The first step is a free consultation so we can learn about your needs, the challenges you have faced and the the goals you want to accomplish. I am ready to support you with your goals and the first call is the launchpad. Just in case you are wondering, this is not a sales call. This is an insight call and the goal is to fully understand your needs and wants. To learn more about our pricing and model click HERE

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