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Wow It's The First Week Of October

coaching Oct 04, 2021

I can’t believe how much has changed since the beginning of the school year. If you are like me, you are trying to balance it all and going to social media to swipe some ideas to support each and every learner. But as you probably know by now that social media was down the majority of the day.

I spent this past weekend planning and getting things organized for a new quarter, and what threw me for a loop was that some of my staff called off, another transferred to a different department. 

Today I really felt like I was on an island all by myself. I felt the stares and heard the whispers. While my self-consciousness was telling me I was not doing enough I heard thank you. 

  • Thank-you, for letting me be silly in the classroom and jump around when I was supposed to be doing work.

  • Thank you for letting me lay on the floor and do their work because I felt calm on the cold floor.

  • Thank you for letting me laugh when I felt like crying, and you laughed with me and lessened my anxiety.

As educators, we have a hard job, and sometimes it is even harder when unexpected things happen. 

I want to thank you for all that you do for your students. I know that we have built relationships with our students, but sometimes we need to be around a group of educators who get us to understand what we are going through. 

That is where Coaching Around You comes in. I understand what you are going through. I am in the trenches with you. I am balancing it all just like you. 

If you are ready to talk about ways to improve outcomes for students with complex needs then you need to join Coaching Around You

Message me if you are ready to take the leap, at [email protected]


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