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Why You Need To Build Strong Relationships With Parents

relationships Sep 12, 2021

Teachers, are you partnering with parents to help them write things down when they see that their child is struggling with a task? Are you conveying that information to the rest of the team, or keeping a paper trail of all important communication at this time. 

I know that it is hard trying to manage it all, and it seems that we are managing more from virtual IEP meetings, staff meetings, supporting students, supporting families, and supporting instructional assistants. If you continue with the documentation that you had before this crisis hit and build a stronger relationship with your families, it will make things easier when you sit down at the table and discuss students’ individual learning plans due to COVID regression and the Summer slide. 

My Students

As a teacher myself, I am currently analyzing data. I am looking at what my students were doing before the crisis, and what they are doing now. Some are doing awesome, while others have had an increase in refusal and anxiety. Some of them have also increased with their non-compliance behavior because they can no longer do what they used to do. 

Their routine has changed. Instead of going to school, then having a relaxing chill time at home. School is now home, and some of my students do not understand that. 

My goal at each of my students’ next IEP meetings is to obtain a fluid input statement from the parent/student that communicates their needs and addresses four key areas that help the student prepare for further education, employment, and independent living. 

If you want to know how these four key areas impact you as a teacher, and how you can write a better present level of performance statements-input statements, then sign up for a time that we can chat and discuss your top 3 concerns. 

A successful outcome at my next IEP meeting will depend on the documentation and partnerships that I have established with my student’s families. I can not wait until the last minute to prepare the documentation. I know that it is time-consuming, but every family wants to know that the state that we are in, is not going to last forever. They want to know that there is going to be a plan in place to help their child recover the skills that they lost. That is why Input statements are crucial. 

Document, Document, Document

When I am building strong relationships with my families, I tell them that they need to document what they see their child doing when they are given a task. The task can be academic-based or functional, but in order for me as a teacher to fully support them when they transition back into the school building, I need to know what happened during this time. 

I am also partnering with parents to create individual Learning Plans. These plans will take into consideration, what the families will be doing and connect to what interests the child the most, so engagement will increase. I want to make sure that my students have a smooth transition back to school. I know that there are going to be bumps in the road, but as an educator, it is all about making sure that my students have the skills they need for further education, employment, and independent living. 

At The Table

Do not be afraid to build strong relationships with your student's parents and be a strong advocate for their needs. When you present documentation that supports the needs of your students, that is based on data your student’s team will respect and hold you in higher regard and end the meeting on a positive note for everyone involved. 

No one wants to sit at the table, and hear about issues that are not supported by data- that is just hearsay. 

If you want to know how to write better teacher input statements “Summary of Performance Levels” or support your student’s parents to write their own input statement that drives action, then you need to sign up for the IEP Review & Data Analysis.

The input statement, by both the teacher and parent, is crucial for students who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally.

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