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How and Why I Chose To Go Into Teaching

Jul 15, 2022

Do you ever think about how you chose to go into teaching?

It’s not something I talk about much but I was chatting with a parent the other day and it got me thinking, “What made me choose teaching, especially working with students with intensive needs from communication, academics and behavior.

As a young adult, there were so many things I was interested in and so hard narrowing it down. It literally kept me up for hours every night!

Should I become a journalist, a writer, maybe explore the world by joining the army.

But I really love writing. Maybe I should do that instead?

So I went to school, to get my degree in English and minor in Journalism. After graduation I worked for an investigative newsmagazine, and after doing that I decided to go back to school to become a special education teacher. I decided to become a teacher, because I was tired of a sibling always being put in the back of the classroom because they learned differently. 

It was difficult at first because I was working days and nights as a Delegate Care Aide and going to school during the day. I learned a lot working with adults with disabilities and I transferred the practical knowledge I was receiving to my classes

After I finished my student teaching, I decided to work with some of the hardest students in the district that I was living in at the time. My thinking was if I could work with those young men and women, I could work with anyone. The stories that I could tell, but that is for another time.

Since then, so many years ago I have worked in many schools from alternative, therapeutic, public, and charter. The one thing that keeps me going back is opening the door to my classroom with a cup of coffee in one hand and seeing the smiles on my students faces when they say "Good Morning Mrs. L". "Hi Mrs. L". What are we going to do today?

The students are excited to come to school, they run down to the classroom to see if I am there, and If I am not they ask me in their loud outside voice where were you or the grab my hand and say 'sit down' and proceed to give me things that they want to work on.

I could have stayed where I was so many years ago, reporting on the problems as an investigative journalist. It was a tough decision to make, going into teaching-where things are not consistent and constantly changing but I’m so glad that I transitioned to teaching. Yes, somedays are hard. Somedays I want to throw in the towel, but the one thing I have learned is that

Their is not one person, that is like you. We each have our gifts and talents. We each spark change in those we encounter everyday. Even the smallest ripple can make lasting change.

How did you choose to become a teacher, and what is keeping you on this path?

Do you want to hear more of Nicolette's story and how she supports teachers and parents then email [email protected]



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